Are you aware of the increase in parking meters around Vancouver?

Main Street, Vancouver B.C.

As more and more new poles are being put up in the most popular areas of Vancouver ready to be occupied by fresh parking meters, it makes it difficult to find cheap parking.

This is a picture taken of a new parking meter pole on Main Street just before the Georgia Viaduct entrance heading southbound. Many poles like these also have recently been placed by the city along “The Drive” (Commercial Street) where parking used to be FREE.

Although this may have it’s advantages and disadvantages many people do not want to spend more on top of the already high gas prices just to enjoy a day out.

FACT: Vancouver parking meters can range from $1/hr – $6/hr

For many of us that are short on time and find that searching for cheaper to possibly even FREE parking is a waste of time, we urge you to think again.

At A Step Above Apps we’ve created an iPhone Application that contains many of the up-to-date locations of Free Street Parking space, Public Parking Lots & Rates, and the cities Parking Meters location & Rates.

Though the use of your GPS function on the iPhone, finding parking is soon to be a breeze!

We soon introduce to you, Park ‘in’ Spot.


and more…


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