How much have you saved by using Park ‘in’ Spot?

Before the launch of Park ‘in’ Spot, we imagined how awesome it would be if we could help everyone retain some of their hard earned bucks by reducing the amount of expenditures on parking in the city. By the great feedback and results available to us over the past year, we believe we’ve managed to do just that!

I mean really, how cool is it that you’re able to shop around for the best rates on parking before heading out to downtown for a night out with your friends?! or if you’re really on a budget, think about finding the nearest free street parking from your current location with one tap on the ‘Real-Time-Movement-Tracking GPS Locator’ button!**

Not only that, we know that the collection of metered parking locations with the rates shown will definitely speed up your parking time. Just reference the coloured lines on the map to the easy to read ‘Parking Legend’ and you’re off to your parking destination.

We’d like to give a big thank you and a gigantic wet one to all our users for helping spread the word on our nifty and super-useful app. We hope the momentum continues so everyone can enjoy a little bit of savings when they need to.

If you haven’t shared the love to your beloved friends on Facebook & Twitter, be sure to use the easy built in ‘Share’ feature in the options menu! 🙂

Park ‘in’ Spot currently supports Toronto, Vancouver, and Seattle. We hope to add additional support for many more cities! You may download the App via the Apple App Store!

Happy Parking!

(you could be saving $2, $4….$36…$100..)

** please note: we don’t recommend you to use Park ‘in’ Spot when operating your vehicle. It’s illegal and very dangerous. Very, very, very dangerous!